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Mar 29 2020
  • 5:26 AM
  • Bangladesh Sishu Academy, Dhaka

Golf Tournament

Golf isn’t just a great excuse for executives to schmooze with their clients and with each other. It’s also a great way to get your alumni together in support of your institution. Charity golf tournaments are popular for a reason. They’re fun, they’re outdoors, and they’re low-key enough that mingling and networking are easy to do. If you’re inviting alumni only, pairing participants up in an alternate-shot tournament (each person in a two-person team takes a turn on each alternate hole). But if you’re expanding your invitation to parents, faculty and local businesses, you may want to play “scramble” style in groups of four....

Oct 28 2020
  • 11:44 PM
  • Bangladesh Sishu Academy, Dhaka

Music Festival

Like beer pong, live music can be another great way to help alumni reminisce about their school years. Outdoor music festivals and concerts are typically summertime events, but if you have access to a great indoor venue, this event can work year-round to bring your constituents together for a good time....

Oct 28 2021
  • 11:45 PM
  • Bangladesh Sishu Academy, Dhaka

Day of Service

You can organize an alumni volunteer day any time of year by partnering up with organizations like United Way and Habitat for Humanity. But certain times of the year stir constituents to be more generous with their time....

Nov 28 2021
  • 3:30 PM
  • Bangladesh Sishu Academy, Dhaka

Sports Event

Alumni who are passionate about collegiate sports are some of the easiest prospects to connect with, because they’re still very invested in their school’s success … albeit on the field. Giving them the opportunity to benefit your institution’s athletic programs is a sensible approach — but a more exclusive option may be a bit of VIP treatment at the next game. Invite alumni to a private tent or section with complimentary food and drinks where they can mingle before the game. Hold a fundraising raffle or another friendly, fun challenge to raise additional revenue....

Dec 31 2021
  • 3:00 PM
  • Jalals clinic at Mohammedpur

Discuss Our Organizational Activities

Dear members of the executive committee and other members, we want to meet at Jalals clinic at Mohammedpur in the capital at 3 pm on Friday ( 31.12.2021) to discuss our organizational activities. Please come on time. Thanks, engineer Akkas Ali, president, dhsaa...

Jan 28 2022
  • 10:00 AM
  • Bangladesh Sishu Academy, Dhaka

Scholarship Program

Who said all alumni events need to be posh affairs? A good, old-fashioned beer pong tournament can go far in bringing back fond memories for alumni — especially younger alumni. And before you think that’s too crass. Other ideas for friendly competitions include frisbee, corn hole, croquet, and bocce ball. San Diego State University’s annual bocce ball tournament includes sudden-death bracket play, pizza and lemonade, and an engraved trophy for the winner....

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